Tien ‘wist je datjes’ over POST

Geplaatst op: 29 mei 2019

Natuurlijk is dit jaar’s hart van de Rotterdam Architectuurmaand niet zomaar een gebouw. POST was vroeger een bijzonder gebouw voor de alledaagse dingen zoals postzegels halen of pakketten verzenden voor de ‘gewone Rotterdammer’. Nu is het een bijzonder gebouw dat een nieuwe bestemming krijgt! Hier lees je tien ‘wist je datjes’ waarvan je niet wist dat je ze wilde weten over het voormalig postkantoor.

Did you know
  • …it took eight years before the building was standing? Because of the lack of materials during the First World War it took a long time
  • …the post office was placed ten meters backward in relative to the Coolsingel? This was done to give the city hall more exposure. Because the post office was given a forecourt, the opposite effect was achieved
  • …that the hall is 22,5 meters high!
  • …the main post office was given the status of a national monument in 2000?
  • …the building has been empty for about 12 years and closed to the public? (except during #RAM19, take your chance!)
  • …both the main post office and city hall survived the bombings unscathed? A Rotterdam miracle!
  • …multiple plance have been submitted for the transformation? Ultimately, Eran Chen of ODA architecture, along with Braaksma & Roos from the Hague, did the job
  • ODA architecture and Braaksma & Roos have planned a residential tower of 150 meters high behind the existing building?
  • …the plan includes room for restaurants, cafes and shops on the ground floor as well as a luxury hotel with apartments on the floors?
  • …you can view the plans for POST in the building itself? The models and drawings await your visit.
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