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How can landscape architecture contribute to the future-proof city? Our environment is facing increasing pressure: from climate change to loss of biodiversity, and from water and flooding problems to the mobility transition. How do you design a square, a new residential area, or even an entire city in such a way that it meets the rising challenges we are facing nowadays?

On the Open Office Day, Felixx opens its doors to take you on a journey through the landscape of the future. And shows you how we can work together with nature to transform cities into resilient and adaptive systems. All afternoon, our office is open for visitors to be inspired by our project pin-up exhibition and ask your pressing questions on landscape architecture. Want to know more about building with nature, our research into the design of public space, or the edible neighborhood? In three presentations, experts and designers talk about our design method, vision and projects.

  • 14:15 – Nature-based Solutions in Landscape Architecture

    The increasingly crowded cities regularly face devastating floods, heat waves and droughts. Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are ways that – through the use of nature and natural processes – offer a solution to the rising challenges of urban resilience. Despite the growing demand for this method, few have knowledge of how and when to build with nature. As an NBS expert, we are happy to teach you more about these nature-based design applications.In 2021, the Catalog of Nature-based Solutions for Urban Resilience was published, explaining the different NBS, enriched with practical examples and technical guidance.


  • 15:15 – Towards a Healthy City by Foot

    Walking has great potential. It may not be the fastest, and as some may say not the most comfortable way to get around, but it is the only type of movement which doesn’t require a vehicle. By walking more, we limit the influence of our movements on the environment. As a result, creating room for walking frees up space in the city, which can be used to tackle diverse social and environmental challenges. Oddly enough, the pedestrian is often forgotten in the design of our public spaces. This research by design is developed in close collaboration with urban psychologist Sander van der Ham – STIPO. It provides insight into the potential benefits of walking, and identifies the design tasks within our built environment to realize these benefits.


  • 16:15 – Rijnvliet

    Did you know that you can eat off the street in Rijnvliet? That arugula just grows between the tiles? That you can make a very tasty salad with the flowers of the Judas tree and the leaves of the Lime tree? The Edible residential area Rijnvliet in Utrecht is a unique concept in Europe, which is not only edible and inspiring for people, but also contributes to a sustainable urban future for people, animals and nature together. How do you design a new neighborhood in such a way that it meets the challenges we now face?

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