04.06 - 25.06

Closed doors, opened windows

Closed doors, opened windows

Enjoy an outdoor dynamic atmosphere just in front of the MLA+ Rotterdam headquarters where you’ll also be able to network and learn more about their biggest plusses: the people and their professional insights through the exhibition in our HQ’s panoramic windows.

In a time where uncertainty about COVID-19 invades every indoor and outdoor space, MLA+ brings a new concept of turning things inside out; “Closed doors, open windows”. Through the unique window frames in the MLA+ Rotterdam Headquarters, one of the biggest plusses in their office; the people and their professional insights, will be visually showcased.

The Panoramic windows in the MLA+ office will contain photographs of team members with their names and background. Accompanying each team member there would be a QR code big enough for anyone that walks by the street to scan it. Each QR code will link to a specific project/film/document that person worked on and will provide insight about a theme related to their work.

Besides this, in order to celebrate the beauty of street life, MLA+ could provide seating on the street in front of the building with drinks and music at the weekend of the opening if this is possible at that moment. This way, this area becomes the ideal place to network, learn about MLA+ and enjoy the day.

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Praktische info

Exhibition will be open 24/7 on the MLA+ office windows. Reception from 17:00 - 21:00 on opening and closing day of the month.

Location: Vijverhofstraat 47, 3032 SB Rotterdam







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