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Bauhaus of the Seas Sails

kick off implementation of the Delta pilot

On Saturday 8 June – World Ocean Day – you are invited to the public kick off of the implementation of the Delta pilot. The Delta pilot will be implemented on two locations: Rotterdam and Grenspark Groot Saefthinghe. During an afternoon in Rotterdam, each of the pilot areas will share their current challenges, the status of their research and upcoming activities. We will end the afternoon outside in the Nieuwe Tuin with a walk and networking moment.


13:00 – 13:30 Walk-in with coffee/tea

13:30 – 15:00 Programme in Room 1

  1. 13:30 Welcome by Francien van Westrenen
  2. 13:40 Intro Bauhaus of the Sea Sails by Carola Hein
  3. 14:00 Rotterdam and Launch of The New Academy by Studio Makkink & Bey
  4. 14:20 Saeftinghe and Future Tidal Architecture by Elise Haentjens + Alankrita Sarkar
  5. 14:40 Delta – sketch an overview by the Prof. Han Meyer? Q&A moderated by Alankrita Sarkar

15:00 – 17:00 Programme in the NI garden

  1. 15:00 Zoop walk by Klaas Kuitenbrower and Wietske Nutma (2 groups)
  2. 15:15 Guided walk around the building
  3. 16:00 Networking moment, drinks in the NI garden
  4. 17:00 End of the event
About Bauhaus of the Seas Sails

Within Bauhaus of the Seas Sails, the partners strive to engage a wide spectrum of stakeholders, ranging from citizens, farmers, and the younger generations to students and experts from the public, private, institutional and creative sectors. Within the Dutch delta they focus on two distinct locations: Rotterdam and Grenspark Groot Saeftinghe.

With their partners and network, they work on a shared agenda for the Delta region and experiment and work on sustainable solutions for coastal areas, we explore the knowledge, perspectives and cultural values associated with water and we challenge participants to work on the relationship between human life and non-human life in a radically different way.

The vision of Bauhaus of the Seas is to demonstrate and archive solutions for climate neutrality with a particular focus on coastal regions as an interface to healthy seas, ocean and water bodies. Through several local research projects, an engaged community is formed that contributes to an ecologically sustainable and socially fair transition. Pilot projects are taking place in Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands/Belgium. Within research projects that are replicated in several different countries, these ‘drops’ aim to create widespread effects.

Bauhaus of the Seas is part of the New European Bauhaus, which Bauhaus (NEB) aims at raising a movement based on sustainability, social inclusion, and beauty. The project departs from the realization that the climate crisis is a global, complex hyperobject. NEB intends to foster ethical and aesthetic regenerative developments.

Within NEB, Bauhaus of the Seas focuses on the most critically endangered shared space in the EU and the world: seas, oceans and water bodies. Oceans face numerous challenges, from plastic pollution to rising sea levels. Finding solutions to the various environmental problems is a real challenge. This can be done by mobilising cities & communities close to water. With an interdisciplinary, intergenerational and interspecific approach, this meaningful multi-year project aims to instigate change.

About the Delta pilot

The Delta pilot comprises two distinct locations: Grenspark Groot Saeftinghe, representing a rural landscape, and the Rotterdam area, embodying urban characteristics. Both environments have social and spatial challenges that come with a fast-changing climate and political realities that impact on their social fabric. The partners are: TU Delft, Grenspark Groot Saeftinghe, Vereniging Delta Metropool and Nieuwe Instituut.

This event will be held in English.

Please register if you want to participate via:

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Practical info

From: 13:30 uur
To: 17:00 uur


Nieuwe Instituut
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