18.06 - 19.06
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Day and Night of Architecture

24h Rotterdam
Day and Night of Architecture

Modern classics, post-war reconstruction icons and brand-new high-rises are placed in a new light. From dawn until deep into the night, you can experience the built environment of this architecture city like you’ve never seen before.

Visit post-war reconstruction classics before opening time. Go to the pinnacle of brand-new high-rises in the heat of the day. In the afternoon you can take a break in the lounge of modern(ist) hotels. From sunset the spotlights are on the classics by night. When the night falls, we visit the frayed outskirts of the city. 

Most programmes are in Dutch, but some are in English. View the selection of English programmes below or on the website of the Day of Architecture.

English programme

6.30 | Phantom City Revised | Tour
12.00 | Room Service, Please! | Tour
15.00 | Rijnhaven Walk | Tour
21.30 & 22.30 | Classics by Night: Van Nelle Factory | Building tour


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