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Main Exhibition (T)Huis (House/Home)

Main Exhibition (T)Huis (House/Home)

RA Month’s main exhibition ties in with the theme of the national Day of the Architecture: (T)Huis (House/Home). The exhibition addresses urgent issues relating to housing and the residential environment. The pressures on affordability, a level playing field and building a sustainable residential environment are significant and the solutions are not easy to find. What role does design play in finding a way out of the situation? What opportunities do designers, commissioning clients, individuals and policymakers see for affordable and accessible, sustainable, innovative, quality residential environments? The exhibtion looks at the future of the residential environment by showcasing 30 inspiring project from various disciplines and is designed and curated by Namelok.

About Namelok

Namelok is a research-based, reflective design practice in Rotterdam. Founders Wiegert Ambagts and Kaj van Boheemen work with the team of multidisciplinary designers on projects and research studies in the full breadth of the architectural discipline. They see it as one of the main challenges of contemporary architects to relate to the world (once again) in which and for which they design. “It is time for architects to move away from the nostalgic vision of traditional master builders and stop looking inward in search of the essence of architecture; instead, we need to look forward and outward in search of myriad possibilities offered by other disciplines and practices.” Taking inspiration from collages, drawings, models, diagrams, photos, videos and texts, Namelok creates new stories within their designs. These stories can be literal, associative, and symbolic in nature; in every case, our crucial question is what story is being told, and why.

Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

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