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Rotterdam film partners present themselves! During the RA Month, AIR organizes a night of film in the heart of the festival in collaboration with five Rotterdam film partners. A four-hour program full of architecture, experimental documentaries and short films.


Buy a passe partout for 15,- or for 10,- if you hold a Cineville card. With a passe partout you have access to the full programme.

7.30 PM – 8.30 PM KAAN Architecten: MINUTES
8.45 PM – 10 PM Galerie de Jaloezie X OMI X Roffa Mon Amour
10.15 PM – 11.30 PM AFFR


KAAN Architecten: Minutes

Rooted in the essential belief that Every building tells a story, in 2017, KAAN Architecten started long-term research and collaboration with a group of incredibly talented international filmmakers. Their brand new perception yielded impressive and diverse visual storytelling about the projects we (thought we) knew for years. What happens when we introduce a new factor to architectural communication?

This research has been 4 years in the making and has yielded 12 short films, of which we are excited to share four with you. We sincerely hope this can be the start of an extended discussion about the buildings surrounding us, their role in society, and our relationship with them. Follow MINUTES!

  • Ruling, Dorian de Rijk, 2018, ‘4
  • Await, From Form, 2018, ‘6
  • Territory of the Beings, Mirte van Duppen, 2019, ‘8
  • Dynamo, Katja Verheul, 2020, ‘4
  • Introduction to the film Notes on an Immortal Being, Jaime Levinas, 2021

Galerie de Jaloezie X OMI X Roffa Mon Amour

In this special collaboration, Galerie de Jaloezie, OMI and Roffa Mon Amour get together to present five short films. The fifth film will be announced shortly.

  • Coastland, Miruna Dunu, 2018, ‘12

Miruna Dunu is a Romanian-born (1991) information designer with an architectural background. Coastland presents a fictional narrative rooted into architectural research. The film is created entirely out of the author’s collection of authentic postcards circulated between early 1960s throughout the late 1980s. The story of the western black sea coast begins in a distant future and goes back to its roots, only to reveal cyclical destruction and rebirth.

  • Tripsitter, Frederique Pisuisse, 2020, ‘12

A personal journey through various consciousness-expanding moments experienced by artist Frederique Pisuisse. The confessional diary gives an insight into traumatic drug trips, panic attacks and out-of-body experiences. The viewer is navigated by a poetry reading, whilst roaming through a ghost space personifying the dark corners of the human mind.

  • Defragmentación, Cristobal Pereira, 2021, ‘4

In Defragmentación photographer Cristobal Peireira tells a story of the reencounter with a place from his past, that nevertheless, was always present in his mind.

  • Do You See Me / Do I See You, Gijs van der Meer, 2019, ‘32

How do we shape the physical world around us? How then does this world redefine us as human beings? For his graduation film, Gijs van der Meer spent three months following construction workers renovating the monumental Maastunnel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The result is something approaching science fiction, in which the tunnel emerges as a kind of claustrophobic dream space bringing about the pasts, presents, and futures of the men working in the tunnel.

  • You can’t automate me, Katarina Jazbec, 2021, ’21

Before containerships leave the harbour to carry goods and brave the waves, lashers fasten containers using heavy long metal bars. Surrounded by self-driven vehicles and remotely operated cranes, they are among the last who do dangerous physical work in harbours across the globe. The film has its eye set on these lashers. During the night shifts, while they wait to enter another ship, their bodies rest and start to speak. In dreamy sequences, they explore their environment through skin, ears, muscles, and bones. Stowaway animals appear from the containers as visions of a more natural world.


  • The Diggers, Mathieu Roy, 2021, ‘71

Thousands of people venture daily into the eastern mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to dig for minerals such as the rare coltan. Armed with shovels, pickaxes and colanders they process the earth. On his own, filmmaker Mathieu Roy records these seemingly tireless activities. We see how people toil and sweat, but also ask questions about the presence of the filmmaker. He continues to film without judgment. He follows them through self-built tunnels and along the parched landscape. As an almost philosophical reflection on human influence on nature, we see how, piece by piece, the entire landscape is plowed. The Diggers is a poetic film about the exploitation of people and nature, without the desire to force an opinion.


Videostill van: Cristobal Pereira – Defragmentación

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