Main exhibition Rotterdam Architecture Month: ‘Garden of the City’

Published on: 18 Jun 2024

Aad Hoogendoorn

In the traverse between the Erasmus MC and the Museumpark parking garage, Atelier Tomas Dirrix and Chantal Schoenmakers designed a modular exhibition about the green future of the city.

The main exhibition of the Rotterdam Architecture Month focuses on the future of the ‘Garden of the City’. Architects, landscape designers and residents show how the city can become greener, more attractive and more biodiverse. In this exhibition you’ll see how Hofplein changes from a traffic circle into a green oasis, look at the city through the eyes of a rat and see how brutalist buildings are taken over by nature. Plans for community gardens alternate with ideas for distribution parks. A kaleidoscopic overview of original plans for the future.

About the design of the exhibition

Atelier Tomas Dirrix and Chantal Schoenmakers have created a design for the traverse that connects the Museumpark with the Erasmus Medical Center and the underground car park. It is a landscape with four islands, each on a theme of the exhibition: Voice of the park, How public is the public space? The healthy city of the future and The everyday garden.

The design has utilized a modular structure. Each exhibition component is made up of an everyday and (subsequently) usable piece of furniture: a stool, chair, bench and table. The collage by Yves Brunier/OMA, in which a work of art is carried through the Museumpark, was the source of inspiration. After Rotterdam Architecture Month, the furniture will also be distributed throughout the city to be reused.

Image: Ossip van Duivenbode
Content contributors of the exhibition:
Voice of the park
How public are public spaces?
The healthy city of the future
The everyday garden
About Atelier Tomas Dirrix and Chantal Schoenmakers

Atelier Tomas Dirrix is an architecture practice based in Rotterdam. Since the start it has been working from a cultural and material notion of building. Atelier Tomas Dirrix carries out a diverse range of work, including residential, cultural and public buildings, and permanent and temporary commissions. Through contributions to publications and exhibitions, their projects and ideas are part of an emerging international conversation on architecture. For the scenography of the Garden of the City, they collaborated with Chantal Schoenmakers, known for her involvement in Rotterdam’s maker culture.

The exhibition ‘Garden of the City’ can be seen until June 30.